International relations

As part of the work in this area, work is being carried out to strengthen international collaboration, as well as the creation and execution of international projects.

Among its strategic objectives are:

Expand the position of the ANEC in its capacity to convene and participate in national and international events that lead to consolidate the implementation and application of the Guidelines for the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution.

Establish new strategic alliances at national and international level, in order to update the components of training, improvement and scientific research in the specialties of interest for the country's economic science.

Promote in the international arena the extension of the disclosure of the Cuban reality, taking advantage of the relationships established with personalities and entities from other countries, in order to contribute to the clarification of the image of Cuba.

The activities developed by the area of ​​International Relations are of vital importance to promote beyond our borders, the debate and reflection on economic issues that are presented in the current Cuban context.



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