The Center of Study and Graduate Postgraduate of the ANEC by its acronyms CESPANEC, has like objective contribute to elevate the efficiency in the work of the economic sphere, through the permanent update of abilities and necessary knowledge for the best professional performance.
CESPANEC was created in the year 2000 and since its own constitution is authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education to develop postgraduate activities.
It has an Advisory Scientific Commission made up of prestigious specialists from the Economic and Accounting Sciences with great experience in the practice of professional and teaching practice.

What do we offer at CESPANEC?
Among the actions of improvement that the center offers include diplomas, courses and other postgraduate modalities aimed at:
• University graduates (updating and development, requalification, teaching and scientific training, among others).
• Professional training for non-university associates (Media Technicians).
• Preparation for non-state sector workers (graduates or not).
• Contribution to the economic culture for the population.
In addition, other actions are carried out such as conferences, seminars, circles of interest with students at the intermediate and higher levels
We provide services to legal entities that in a targeted manner need to address specific issues contextualized to the entity's mission.

How to access the services provided by CESPANEC?
For registration you must submit:
• Original graduate degree and photocopy to deliver.
• Letter (accreditation) as a member of the base section of the ANEC. Individual and signed by the president.
• Letter of authorization from the workplace. Individual and signed by the immediate superior superior.

How are our relations of collaboration and exchanges?
CESPANEC has established and maintains close collaboration and exchange relationships at the national level with the network of Higher Education Centers throughout the country, including Faculties and Research Centers.

Also with organizations and institutions such as MINED, MES, ANAPP and other OACE.
CESPANEC is a full member of the network of centers of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO) and also develops international preparation activities.

We have international links with: Universities and Higher Education centers in Spain, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, among others.




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Asociación Nacional de Economistas de Cuba