Communication and Information


• Contribute to the implementation and implementation of the Guidelines approved in the VI PCC Congress, participating in the tasks assigned to it.
• Participate in the implementation of the lines of work of the ANEC.
• Study and promote knowledge of the governing documents of the ANEC, Statutes, Organic Regulation and Economic Regulation.
• Participate according to designation, in National, Regional, Branch and International Events.
• Complete the tasks assigned to him by the National Executive Council or the National Organizing Commission, as appropriate.


• Participate in meetings of the National Executive Council or National Organizing Committee as appropriate and prepare and circulate among its members the minutes and agreements that emanate from them.
• Prepare and keep updated the following Directories:

  •  From the Press and different means of national dissemination
  •  Of the provincial and municipal counterparts
  •  Of the OACEs
  •  Of the Provincial and National Libraries
  •  Of the colleges of the AEALC
  •  From the personalities and foreign guests to our events.

• Guarantee the annual update in the National Registry of Serial Publications of the printed newspaper El Economista de Cuba and the online newspaper El Economista de Cuba.
• Coordinate the edition and reproduction of El Economista de Cuba newspaper with Granma Polygraph.
• Encourage and guarantee the delivery of materials by the associates, which contribute to continue raising the systematic edition of the "El Economista" newspaper and other specialized magazines.
• Guarantee the edition of the electronic bulletin at the national level and promote its elaboration at the provincial and municipal levels.
• Intensify work with the correspondents of economic journalism. Promote the Basis of the Economic Journalism Prize that is awarded each year.
• Maintain systematic relations with the organs of the flat, radio and television press in order to publicize the activities that are carried out.
• Maintain updated the Work Agreement with the UPEC in each of the provinces, guaranteeing the training of journalists, the holding of clubs and workshops.
• Divulge through newsletters, newspapers and other means of dissemination all the events of the ANEC together with all the Vice Presidencies, mainly the Superación, the Scientific Activities and the Professional Activities and the Provincial Executive Boards.
• Perform the distribution of the El Economista newspaper, specialized magazines and other materials that are edited (video cassettes, CD ROOM, etc.) so that it reaches the members in an equitable manner.
• Guarantee the update of the WEB pages, in conjunction with the Vice Presidency of Information Technology.
• Maintain working links with ICRT, RTV Comercial, Citmatel, Mundo Latino and other publishing houses for the preparation of videos and DVDs of International Events, the ANEC Congress and other activities that require it.
• Supervise the proper use of publications that are distributed to associates.
• Support economic education to the population with all the means at our disposal.



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Asociación Nacional de Economistas de Cuba