Professional activities

This area of ​​work is responsible - in the respective instances - for matters related to the maintenance of the organization and must deal with the satisfaction, to the extent possible, of the needs of the human capital that the Association has.

These issues are mainly focused on:

Maintain a systematic attention to associates and family members with illness problems eventually.

Disclose in the Base Sections and municipalities the Regulation of Stimuli and Awards and the Emulative Bases.

Achieve a greater functioning of the Houses of the Economist and Accountant and maintain the updated Control of the properties at all levels of the Association.

Recognize the associates that stand out the most in the work of the organization (Days of the Economist and Accountant, of the Educator, Anniversaries of the Association among others).

Plan, coordinate and organize all the activities that are developed in historical and significant dates for the associates and Base Sections.



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Asociación Nacional de Economistas de Cuba