About us

The National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC) is a Non-Governmental Organization, of voluntary affiliation, with special Consultative Status in ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council of the United Nations).

Founded on June 14, 1979 in Havana, Cuba.

The organization is made up of economists, accountants, auditors, industrial and computer engineers, as well as other professionals with an active and direct participation in economic activity.


The National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC) brings together Cuban professionals who are linked to economic work and projects their work at the national and international level, encouraging the exchange and plural debate of opinions. The Base Sections constitute the fundamental cell of this NGO, which represents the interests of its associates, provides opportunities for improvement, supports its research and collaboration projects, while it draws on its capacities to carry out advisory activities and practical construction of the economic activity of the country, with the purpose of contributing to raise its level of socioeconomic development.


It is an organization representative of Cuban civil society, committed to the sustainability of the socialist project. It plays an important role in advising national and territorial strategies and policies, based on the potential of its scientific societies. It has the ability to call national and international meetings for reflection and debate on contemporary issues related to development and the international economy. Communicates systematically to its members and to society aspects related to economic work and promotes good practices through various ways and different technological alternatives.

Strategic Objectives

1. Strengthen the institutional framework of the ANEC based on a scientific, inclusive and participatory approach.
2. Raise the scientific and ideological level of professionals in the economy.
3. Raise the prestige of the ANEC to strengthen its position among the national institutions that advise strategies and policies in the socioeconomic sphere.
4. Actively represent the interests and rights of professionals in the economic sciences, and systematically stimulate the best results.
5. Promote spaces for reflection and debate on the main issues of national and international interest, linked to socioeconomic development.
6. Enhance the theoretical-practical impact of scientific societies, from its strengthening.
7. Invigorate international collaboration, as well as the conformation and execution of international projects.
8. Strengthen partnerships with scientific, educational, productive and service institutions, as well as national associations linked to issues that affect economic outcomes.
9. Contribute to the economic and accounting improvement of the specialists in this field, to increase the rigor of the work and the effectiveness of the results.
10. Pay special attention to the economic education of the population, to favor the effectiveness of the changes that must be operated in this area.
11.Develop an effective communicative and informative activity linked to the national and international economic issues of greatest interest to the country.




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Asociación Nacional de Economistas de Cuba